Yue Jie

  • Date:2021-09-08
  • Source:东方演艺
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Yue Jie is an innovative fashion concert designed and put on by the China Oriental Performing Arts Group (COPAG) in 2020. Themed “10 elegant events held by ancient scholars”, the concert uses music as the vehicle to convey Chinese ancient culture via modern design.
The concert Yue Jie wowed the audience with Chinese musical instruments,  complemented by dances and operas, along with instruments from various countries.
The concert Yue Jie features innovation, fashion, empathy and philosophy. Based on Chinese traditional music, the concert was completely designed and performed by the COPAG. Integrated with the elements of music, stage, costumes, and background video, Yue Jie is a combination of fashion and tradition. The concert is full of emotion, arousing the audience’s empathy. Through the music and dances, the concert as a whole conveys the harmonious, tolerant, and kind spirit that Chinese people emphasize. 
The concert Yue Jie praises the vitality of life, the happiness and love of families, and the love for countries, as well as the appreciation of friendship. The concert uses different shows and costumes to display various aspects of Chinese culture.